AIR Tutorials 2016

Sylvania Digital Learning

Sylvania City Schools has put together some excellent video resources designed to help students prepare for Ohio's State Tests.

AIR Tutorials

Student Testing Site Tutorial: Sign-in and Navigation (Adobe Captivate Narrated Presentation)(7:32)

Student Testing Site Tutorial: Tools (Adobe Captivate Narrated Presentation)(7:49)

Ti 84 Calculator


These tutorials help high school students master the use of the TI-84 calculator that will be used on the state tests. (source: YouTube)

 Basic TI-84 Operations 1 (4:58) 

This tutorial reviews addition and subtraction, the difference between negative and subtraction, and using the ANS and ENTRY features.

 Basic TI-84 Operations 2 (2:53)  

This tutorial reviews the MATH, FRAC feature and how to use INS to rewrite data.  

 Basic Graphs with TI-84 (4:34)

This tutorial reviews basic graphing features including Y=, GRAPH, TABLE, TBL SET, WINDOW and ZOOM features.


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