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Proctor Caching Issue


Since the caching window opened, there have been some updates to a subset of ELA & math forms.  This email is intended to notify you of the impact and recommended actions.


Since the Caching window opened, there have had to be some updates to forms based on the ongoing extra validation that have been occurring across the test forms. This validation is in place that test forms are 100% accurate prior to online testing beginning. The number of tests impacted is variable - but the text-to-speech (TTS) forms will need to be completely re-cached on or after February 14, 2015.


Information for Districts who have cached:

If no action is taken, students will still be able to log into TestNav on testing day. Although the content may show as outdated (yellow or red) on the caching server. When the first student per form logs in, the cache will automatically be updated with the first student authenticating and pulling down the test content.
If the district/school does not want to hold on updating the cache until students are accessing the forms, then the cache can be updated/refreshed from the proctor caching server. Or the proctor cache by test (see below) will allow for the content on the caching server to be updated.

Information for Districts who have not yet cached:

Hold on starting the caching until 2/14. This will ensure that the content being published to production is as close to final as possible
Follow guidelines in the managing test sessions bulletin.

PearsonAccess Next Update

Important Reminder - In the 2.2 release of PearsonAccessNext on February 14, 2015.  The functionality for being able to "Cache by Test" to each proctor caching machine will be available, so districts/schools will no longer need to cache each session from each individual testing session.

Ohio Statewide Infrastructure Trial

January 26−30, 2015

See OH Technical Training Powerpoint (Slides 85-107) for more information.

"During the week of January 26, 2015, the Ohio Department of Education, in conjunction with local districts and their schools, would like to conduct a computer-based testing infrastructure trial.  The trial is an opportunity for districts, schools, and students to prepare for the computer-based PARCC & AIR testing by simulating test-day activities and network usage. The trial will help districts and schools to confirm all testing devices are properly configured and ready to run PARCC & AIR tests and that there will be no network problems during the spring testing window.  The department will provide further details later this week."

District Level Technology Coordinators Email (1/6/2014)

In response to feedback received from the infrastructure trials conducted thus far, Pearson has provided the attached resources:

 Infrastructure Trial - Quick Guide (New!) – outlines feedback and common issues reported, and how to address them.

 PARCC Infrastructure Readiness Guide v 2.2 – updated to include further details.

 PARCC Map to Technology Guides (New!) – lists common tasks and corresponding links to user documentation.

These documents are also posted on the PearsonAccess Next support page.

For problems with PARCC call 

Support Center: 1-888-493-9888 (open Monday through Friday, 5:00am to 7:00pm CT) or


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